We believe in collaboration, than competition.

PayNav aims to democratise credit and make it available to all (students, salaried, homemakers,business men, blue collared etc). By leveraging technology we want every eligible person to raise loan if they get stuck in need. We help loan companies segregate their target market and provide them with data and make smarter credit decisions and expand the availability of fair and transparent credit.

Why Partner with us?
  • Increase Your Reach
  • First of a kind on demand and real time portfolio monitoring services
  • Access unexplored market Urban and semi-urban aspirers (students, salaried, homemakers, business man, blue collar etc)
  • Onboard “New to Credit” and “Thin File” customers using our Social Credit Strength
  • Optimize Your Acquisition and Operations Cost with PayNav you get a mobile based fully digital lending and distribution platform

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